This is just something i wrote, it doesn't have a namem im workin on that.

I spend my last supper
Behind iron bars
Cut off from the fresh air
And luminous stars
A man looks at me
And says its time to go
I wish I had told you
I wish you did know

And when I ccome back to meet you
You won't remember me at all
And when I come back to see you
You won't remember me at all

We used to be good friends
Until you went away
Now we have hardly
Anything to say
I thought you were special
Special to me
I wish I had told you
I wish you could see


and i can't decide to write another verse or just repeat the first one.
any comments or pointers would be much appreciated
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I'm really digging this one. Some help though and I think I know the answer to this you're not actually on death row cuz then you can't come back to meet anyone. I liked this one alot it reminds me of being trapped inside yourself. I would right another verse or bridge or you could fill in the spot with a guitar solo or something and then just repeat the chorus. Overall a really nice job.

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