I write songs using Power Tab 1.7 and I was wondering......Does anyone have tips for writing a good song plz!!!!!!

I need your help!!!!!
try start off in individual blocks like think intro 8 bars verse 16 etc etc

then find good chord progression that fit well then alter those chords to make a good rythm or style of playing..

then if it feels empty go back and add a melody over some parts or even add an extra countermelody
Assuming you know enough theory already, read some of these:

Assuming you don't know enough theory already, read this first:

Good luck. Don't give up if your first few attempts at writing a song are feeble. Give it time and have fun.
Think of something in your head. A melody, riff, chord progression etc. Then work out how to play it on your guitar (learning some music theory will help with this). Then write it down in powertab. I wouldn't use PT to creat the music, just to notate it. Once you have this little peice of music, think of where it could go and repeat the process.
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