practicing today i noticed that i still had problems with the A chord, ( i been practicing for 3 weeks now) the problem was trying to make the 4th chord sound good. i have medium size hands and trying to fit 3 fingers into 1 fret x 3 strings space was very hard, i had to put a crazy amount of effort in it. so i realized that if i only used my 1st and 2nd finger to press the cord it was a lot easier and the chord would finally sound 100x better.

the question is: is it ok to have my own way to make certain chords as i did with the a chord?.. would it give me problems changing between chords in the future? or should i just troop it and continue to try and make the A chord with my 3 fat fingers?

thank you guys.
I don't think it would really give you problems.
It might save you alot of time practicing the fingering of 1 chord though.
So just stick with it.
It's all good as long as you are comfortable and can change between chords. My grandfather does the same thing... because he has large fingers.
Yes, I'd recommend fingering a chord however is most comfortable. As you get better and more proficient then going in between chords will be simple no matter how you're going about them.

Just make sure you're not doing things in general like neglecting your pinky finger, or pressing way too hard. Keep your hand as relaxed as possible.
I personally do a semi barre with one finger (usually the index) barreing all 3 strings
as long as ur comfortable doing the chord and it sounds good then go for it
I have huge hands and can play it 3-fingered just fine, but playing it in a way that's both comfortable and accurate is what's important, no what's 'correct' or 'proper'.
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