Ok, so I'm looking for a new guitar right now, unfortunately nothing crazy expensive. I played a 7 string for a long time and it's finally dying on me, it's literally worthless, and it's time to get something while Im working on it, a 6 string.

Absolutely must haves
-thin neck
-jumbo frets
-floyd (licensed, whatever)
-decent\good stock pups

Would be good
-mahogony body
-great pickups (wouldn't need to be swapped)

I've been looking at either a dean, or an Ibanez Xiphos right now. My spending limit is about $700.

Thanks for the help, I haven't been in the 6 string look for a long time =(
Schecter, look at what the have, the hellraisers are nice, black jacks, anything
I would say either a Dean or a Jackson.
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Jackson DKMG's are really good, I think they are about $700.
If your on a tighter budget go for a Jackson DXMG, they're $500ish.
check out esp- ltd's. those are really nice. theyre are great for metal.
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an ibanez rg.

the highest model you can afford.

i own one (about 800 bucks it cost me)

its amazing. really. nothing has to be done to it. its absoliutly perfect for metal, the floyd stays in tune, im not sure if its mahogany or not. but still. it sounds amazing. plays amazing. thin neck, bigass frets. its perfect.

go buy. now.
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Try the ESP LTD MH-400

Set-Thru neck
25.5” Scale
Mahogany Body
Quilted Maple Top
Maple Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
Locking Nut
42mm Neck Width
Thin U Neck Contour
24 XJ Frets
Black Nickel Hardware
Grover Tuners
Double-Locking Bridge
EMG 81 (B) / 85 (N) Active p.u.
Finish: STB

Has a trem
Extra jumbo frets
Sweet Pickups
Mahogany Body
Many of the things you ask for are there
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Check out the 2008 BC Rich catalog. Neck-through, maple neck, mohogany body, original FR, name-brand pups. Under $800. Metal? Sure!
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Caparison, they can do anything. plus they have the HGS (Heavy Gauge String) models that are very good for down tuning and thick strings.
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Caparison, they can do anything. plus they have the HGS (Heavy Gauge String) models that are very good for down tuning and thick strings.

If you can find one currently for $700 let me know because I'll take two!

As mentioned before the new BC Rich Gunslingers fit into that category well.
Jackson DK2 (although watch out for the DK2M neck pockets).
Ibanez Prestige models can be found in that price range (although if it's a RG1xxx you may have to factor in a pickup upgrade as well but the hardware will be sound).

Ltd and Dean the one's I've played have had slightly thicker necks than mentioned above, so not really a recommendation beased on the specs given by the o.p.

As usual YMMV.
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Try out the Jackson dkmg and some schecter hellraisers. They are both supposedly very good for there price.

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