for those of you that are unfamiliar, John Mayers Strat has special pickups that are to his specifications. They feature a scooped (out) midrange...hence the name.....

Now, my question is...to anyone who is familiar with the guitar and/or pickups (i would assume both because the pickups arent sold aftermarket) is it that much of a tone difference from something like texas specials or even the stock american pickups?

and another question, how is scooping the midrange acheived? through the way the pickups are wound?

thanks in advance
He just has the mids scooped cause he loves them so much and likes to dial them in precisely on his amp. They sound very nice, I would like to get a hold of some.
JM's Neck and middle pickups sound like pre CBS Fender pickups. The bridge has the same tonal quality but is brighter and doesn't feture scooped mids.

The way they get the scopped mids is by using heavy build formvar wire. His neck pickup is similar to a 1962 neck his middle is similar to a 1963 middle (slightly hotter) and his bridge uses smaller wire and it's wound quite hot (8K or 9K if I remember correctly) and doesn't match any vintage specs but the formvar still gives it a vintage sound.

JM's pickups were machine wound which makes them so they don't sound as good as the hand wound pickups they were based on, but they are not bad pickups. Not worth the $300 a set they sometimes sell for on ebay, but I would say they are worth around $125 to $150.
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so would you be able to make a set corduroy? You seem very knowledgeable on the subject
I got a set custom wound for me by a guy I know (for very cheap), and they're almost exact clones of the Big Dippers.
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ahh but corduroy is based in England like myself, so any American seller adding with shipping will probably be similar to Rockmonkey's prices but does this person have a website or anything?