I like what I've heard of them, yes.
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they were so awesome all together, still cant believe they split, the new fuel is nowhere near as good as the old
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oh my god yes
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Sunburn is one of those CDs that I can never get tired of, and i've had it for five years.
one of my favorite songs is Fuel - Hemorrhage. Its been one of my favorite ofr like 4 years. A year before Chris Daughtry sang it on American Idol. I was so happy he did it! he did the song justice.

I heard the band offered Chris a spot as their lead singer and front man while he was on AI and a week or so after he did the fuel song. I'm happy he declined cuz he makes some cool music now, but it would have been weird to see him in fuel.

anyway, yea... Fuel is cool.
the new fuel is no where near as good, brett's voice (original dude), was like one of a kind it was awesome!!!
Live and breathe rock.
hmhm well I usually still do listen to the old Fuel, Hommorrage is unforgettable
People keep asking us where Paul is. That's a really funny question. See, if Paul was still in the band then we wouldn't have a new fucking record. That's why Paul isn't in the band anymore. (by Maynard James Keenan)
Yeah, I miss old Fuel. Bittersweet, Jesus or a Gun, Hemmorhage, and Bad Day were such amazing songs.