Hey guys i just want to see if anybody on UG can sing like Shadows

If you like the band or just want to show off, this contest is for you

you can have a backing track, the real song, or a premade one (i dont care), but your voice must be easily distinguishable

remember, this is not a contest on how well you sing, or a contest on your guitar playing skills, but a contest on how much you sing like Shadows


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I'm in. I'll be doing chapter 4. whens the deadline?
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If I can get a mike I'll do it. and if someone tells me how to take the vocals out of a song or direct me towards backing tracks etc.
Im putting in Scream as my cover. It's in my profile as Scream vocal contest cover or w/e. Check it out.
Sign me up for Warmenss on the Soul. But a deadline would be nice.

P.S. If I could I would also like to do two more covers; one of Second Heartbeat and To End The Rapture.
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need judges???
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