By far... Really depends on what you're doing, thought.. Because it wouldn't do Ozzfest or something.. But like bars 'n stuff thats fine
well, if our 100 watt one fills the entire gym, it then 280 should be more than enough
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What you have to remember is, like ben said, 95% of the time you're going to be DI'ed and going through the PA. In the end, the things you need need to worry about are the tone and is it loud enough to be heard over a drummer with room to spare. The answer to the volume question is yes. The answer to the tone question is subjective.
Dealio. Thanks everyone. I just remember hearing that there was a rule of thumb where 100 watts on a guitar amp matches to a billion on a bass amp
I think that past 250W you're good to gig (with a PA, natch).

However, I also am a believer that you'll want 4x the wattage of the guitar player, ESPECIALLY in a heavy band. That is, if you want to be heard by people other than yourself standing 2 feet from your amp. Some people say "double is enough", but some people are buried in the mix, too.
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