For a little over a year I've been playing an Ibanez S470. It's a great guitar. I've been getting into metal quite a bit lately, though, and it's a bit of a pain to change the tuning of a guitar with a tremolo bridge (as many of you know). It also doesn't have a 24th fret, which many songs I've been learning use (especially necrophagist songs).

So I went to guitar center today and found a Jackson JS30KE. I played it and loved it! And it's affordable too! So I'm thinking this could be my metal guitar. Looking around though, a lot of people are calling it a "low end" guitar. Is there something wrong with it or something?
Low end just means that it's cheap. And usually, you get what you pay for.
I happen to have this guitar, and I think it's great for the money. If you get it set up it will do you well. Just one thing--get a pickup change.
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I played a JS30 RR today, and I gotta say it felt amazing. For "low end" stuff, I think this series is great.

If you like how it felt and played then it's definitely the guitar for you. Although a pickup change might not be a bad idea.