1st Verse

Don't wanna be
someone im not
Ill stick to my pride
i wont change my mind
Even if
its all i got
in the end
its worth a lot
no looking back
gotta keep on track
im about to lose it
i will never quit


Woahh i found the path
that brought me home at last
it consists of all my thoughts
ones i thought i lost
only time will tell
if my life will end well
cause my past has been so wrong
yet my futures lookin strong

Trail OF Memories x3

2nd Verse

I finally realized
what my life is for
not for the sex
or drugs galore
but to face the truth
is that so hard to see
is it such a crime
to live with apathy
ive heard too many lies
the truth in disguise
the lessons i have learned
ive heard them all before




acoustic version...plz tell me what u think