I mean the days before the beard, and biker stuff. Back in the late eighties. I think he used to be cool, and he actually didn't butcher Randy's solos. I think he actually played them well back in the day. What do you guys think?
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I like his version of voodoo child back in the 80s...Now he's just cheesy...Plays good blues, tho.
Never liked him.
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he was acutally good waaaaaaaay back
he had abs and he looked good and on top of it all he played well, know hes terrible
"im a rock star im amazing. im a rock god. im perfect. i drink a lot. isn't that interesting? i get a cover shot on guitar world three times a year. im a rock star. i rwak." a basic summary of what he makes himself up to be.
I'm actually kinda jealous of that wicked beard.
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i'm voting for GNiCk89. i just like how he speaks TO me, not AT me.

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Yeah, he used to be pretty cool back in the day before he became a 'tard...if he ever came face-to-face with a real biker, he'd get his ass whupped.
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Way too many pinch harmonics and downtuning these days with zakk. Heard him play crazy train on the rock honors(I think it was that) and i could even recognize the intro with all the pinch harmonics.......twas terrible.
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Yeah, IMO, not to sound gay, but he looked way better back then to. I think it would have been better if he just kept that image to this day, and never got into that 'tough biker stuff'. He tries way to hard nowadays. Also, his playing was way better, and there was little, if no pinch harmonics at all.
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He was a lot better, but I still like him.


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I thought his guitar work on No More Tears (the album) was really good, that was before became addicted to pinch harmonics, they sound cool when used sparingly, but not when every other not you hit is a pinch harmonic, and especially not on solos that weren't written for them.
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Machine Gun Man is a pretty damn good tune.
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"im a rock star im amazing. im a rock god. im perfect. i drink a lot. isn't that interesting? i get a cover shot on guitar world three times a year. im a rock star. i rwak." a basic summary of what he makes himself up to be.

what do you base that on?

i to liked zakks style back in the 80'ties, more feling to it.
but lets face it people he's just one of meny that changed he's style over the past years.
meny artists do that you know?
this might show you what he's gone from, to what he is now-

the past-

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i only have one album with him on it, and its an ozzy live album (from the early 90's i believe)

hes good on it, but all the pinch harmonics really get on my nerves

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I think hes still a legend.
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what do you base that on?

Oh man he's got his guitar down past his nutsack, about 300 massive Marshall stacks behind him, leather, metal adornments, a beard, long hair , and no ear protection. What a rebel.

Man he's got his middle finger up like "FUCK the world man!" What a fucking badass.

Look at that scowl! Big man now! Still got that beard and that hair to show mom he's not her little boy anymore! And the guitar shape? Metal, man, just metal.

This man tries way too hard
i used to not like him, but then all the sudden pinch harmonics found their way into my playing and now i'm about as bad as him, only i cant even come close to shredding. and i like him now.

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I always liked him, he's pretty good. And to the people ripping on him: he's playing for Ozzy, he's obviously doing something better than you are.

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