Here's a funky track we did for my friend Joe. He calls himself "Swifta"

I sequenced the beat on this one, and helped with production. My friend TJ played bass and funk guitar on it. (single coil strat with a lot of wah action) Sharon Groom sang the chorus, as well as writing some of the synth parts and recording/producing the whole song.

Swifta has a sweet old school sound, and when he started rapping, all I could hear was funk and heavy bass. Luckily TJ could produce everything we thought up... that guy can play.

Check it out on Myspace:

We're trying like hell to get together and record more stuff. We've got half a dozen songs in various states of production, this is the only one that is close to finished.

Oh, and to hear more of TJ - he's the bass player in this band:
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Thanks, glad you could appreciate it even being out of your genre. It's out of mine, as well.. I just work on it.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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holy crap man! That sounded really awesome! I could see that on the radio no problem. great guitar and bass playing. I honestly see no faults with the song at all. great professional sound.
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Wow, very nice! I hate new rap, but this definitely has a good old school hip hop vibe that i love. Very inspirational, and very well produced!
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Nice, don't like those aliases and names.. but the music was awesome! Being out of my genre aswell.. but defo a 9/10!!

Could hear this on the radio np
I like old school rap and this sounds pretty sweet. Check out mine in my profile if you want and leave me a comment.
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Checking out your stuff... like what I hear.

About the aliases, well.. it is Rap music. Thats what you get.
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its pretty funky. i like it.
the guy rappin sounds like melle mel. its definately got the old school vibe.

nice one
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He's been compared to several different old school rappers. I can't remember the names I've heard off-hand now.

This was his first recorded song, and he's been writing/practicing constantly for months since this. I'm interested to see how his new stuff sounds when we get to record it.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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Ill listen as a write.

This is **** hot! Love the guitar lines and the vocals are great too.

Whoever is rapping is really talented! He sounds like, master gee from sugarhill gang. really old skool.

10/10-no doubt!

crit mine?

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