hey, well, if anybodys been on UG for the past 24 hours non-stop, they'd know i've been posting a lot of questions about basses.
so i'll be using the bass just to provide a bass line for the two acoustic guitarists i know.
so which would be more practical for my use, a 4 or 5 string?
ps: i am also considering a schecter omen 8...haha...kidding kidding
propabel a 5string you have the extra string if you need it.+ i think 6 string bass neck are way to wide.
well it depends does the song depend on a dark deep bass (5 string) or will u just be following a long and not required to go down further tones...

it really just needs to suit the song..
so ill probably just say 4 string
Well, to be honest, it really does depend. Would you use the B and C string if you had them?
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I'd say go for more strings. I just got a 7 string guitar and I don't use the string that much when I'm jamming but sometimes it's really nice. And on my solo projects I use it all the time.
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Well I think a modern player will at some point want a 5er. I actually just reached that stage. If you are in a band with two guitars, if your riff is played in a higher octave, it can sound muddy competing with 2 guitars, but lower it and octave and BAM you have that magic. I'm not sure what to recommend as I don't know how hard the switch is from a 4 to a 5, but if the switch is hard, deal with the added difficulty of a 5 string from the start.
1.we'd be doing mostly acoustic versions of hard rock songs (ie: Trapt's "Headstrong")
2.i've tryed a 7 string schecter and their awesome. only it was a guitar. didn't know they made 7 string basses
3.i am not new to bass. i've played them before, just that i don't own one, thats all.

anyways, you guys have really helped. 4 string it is.
Get your technique down without having to worry about where and when to bust out those low notes.
By the way, the Schecter Omen 8-string plays like a 4-string. You'll never hear a guitar player say "should I get a 6-string or a 7-string? BTW I'm considering a 12-string lololololol."
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If it's just you and two guitarists without a drummer, some extra lows could help fill out the sound, so a 5-string could help you there.

No matter what you choose, you're going to want to practice it a bit, because knowing how to play guitar doesn't mean you automatically know how to play a bass, and having "played them before" does not a bass player make.
The low B gives the music that dark hard sound of rock, even in acoustic I think it would sound good. And in jazz is sounds classsy. I'd go for the 5 and save your money down the road.
I believe if you aren't good at the bass, extra strings ain't gunna make you better. I wouldn't mind a 5 string, but 6 seems to much to me. Plus, Victor Wooten only uses a 4 string
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Plus, Victor Wooten only uses a 4 string

So? I enjoy my low B string.

Simply play with as many strings as you feel you need and/or what you are comfortable with.
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Victor Wooten only uses a 4 string

Jean Baudin plays a 12-string (not in courses) and he is getting a 13'er soon.

You mean he's no a good player?
try all variations out and see what will fit u most?
i mean, when im playing bass with a few acoustics i just play high up the neck, and turn the bass up and the gain down on my amp so the bass part slides right into the melody. What kind of music are you guys going to be playing?
whats the opinion of high C on 5ers?

and is flamenco style possible on 4s or 5 w/ B?
If you're playing modern hard rock like Trapt I would say it's almost a necessity to go with a 5 string. Most bands like that have guitar parts that are drop tuned pretty low or even are on a 7 string guitar. If you don't have that low B string, the guitars will range much lower within the guitar spectrum while you are limited to playing notes no lower than an E or D in your octave. It never really hurts to have an extra string that's there when you need it but chances are you'll regret it if you don't get a 5 string. Judging by your music choice I would advocate the 5 string.
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Plus, Victor Wooten only uses a 4 string

But a few of his 4-strings are tuned ADGC - and that C is most often seen on 6-strings. The number of strings never, ever matter - it's all about the tuning. Tune to 5ths, and you can almost get all the notes of a 6-string on a 4-string neck.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
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Plus, Victor Wooten only uses a 4 string

I've seen him use a 5 string.
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