i just composed a pretty sweet solo but it would be so much more interesting if i had a wah wah pedal which i dont... help on buying one cuz i have no clue on what to buy or anything... it doesnt matter what the price is just that its not like over 120 or something... i just want something basic that can turn distortion on and off. thanks
My Gear:
Squier Stratocaster
Line 6 Spider III 75w
Line 6 FBV Express

Wanted Gear:
Gibson Les Paul
Gibson ES335
Marshall JVM410H
Marshall JCM800
Dunlop Crybaby
Um.. Wrong forum?

Vox or Crybaby, though.

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Dunlop Crybaby Wah is pretty good and its cheap.
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I would recomend the Vox 847A or the vox clyde Mcoy , but not so much the "original"
i bought a beringher hell babe it was only like 15 or 30 bucks and it works fine for me