hello all I am a gutar newbie and play my acoustic 99% of the time... I've only been playing for a number of weeks, but I have a pretty big concern.

I learn and play most stuff on the acoustic b/c I like the way acoustics sound and I don't have to deal with the amp and stuff. I can just pick it up play a little, and set it down. Sometimes though I'll pick up the electric which is a squire strat (my acoustic is a "starter pack" acoustic made by peavey) I can hardly play the chords. the neck is thinner which is fine with me, but the strings are also closer together which causes me to accidentally mute the string next to the one im trying to fret. i

s this something I should take care of now by playing the electric more? should I keep playing acoustic since I like it and take care of THIS later? are all electrics like this or just this particular one? is this a common problem and will it fix itself once I become decent at playing my acoustic?

I know a ton of questions but this just really worries me... any thoughts?
If you don't plan on playing the electric then I'd just focus on the acoustic.
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Play accoustic for a little longer. Once you finnally do switch to electric youll be in heaven . Playing is generally easier as it requires much less force to hold the notes down.

I strongly suggest starting abd getting good with accoustic. Once you fell your not improving as much as you were before get an electric.

Its really up to you but thats my 2 cents.
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play the one that you enjoy playing, if thats just one or the other, or both, go at it!

the more you play both, the more familiar you'll become with the guitar, permitting easier fretting, picking, etc etc.

in time your problems will go away
Yes, I'd play on the acoustic for a while and build up your skills on that. The reason you're probably muting strings on the electric by accident is because your fingers aren't curved enough- if they run too flat you might mute strings without meaning to. As your hand strength builds up (which it will more quickly on an acoustic), you'll improve your hand posture and the electric will seem easy.
I started straight on electric. There is no right or wrong way. If you like the acoustic then play on it.

You say that you've been playing for only a few weeks and I think you'll find with more practice and experience that this problem will disappear.

If you unsure of what to practice I think alternate picking and using all 4 fretting fingers (yes, even your pinky ) would be a good idea and way to build independence of the fingers. There are many good lessons and threads on this site.
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You should get the action raised on your electric, this will raise the strings and make them easier to hit individually

I really wouldn't advise doing that, raising the action won't make it easier to play and its not like the strings will be further apart which was the problem.

As said by the others above, stick with it, the more you play the stronger your fingers will become and playing chords will become easy and natural. Then when you switch to electric you will probably find the opposite, that it is easier to play.