Ok, my mouse REALLY sucks. The pointer on my monitor gets stuck and its really hard to use paint or even click something accurately. Any tips on how to make it a little more accurate?
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ball mice are terrible just spend a few bucks on a laser one
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i kno the answer
take a cutip, and rub alcohol on it. take the ball of the moouse out and rup all the crap and dirt off of the wheel and then reesseble it
or buy a laser.
its worth it btw.
get a mac mighty mouse so you can have a lazer mouse and the lazer makes a red mouse head on your mousepad....

its actually pretty weird when you first realize it, but yeah, just get a new mouse, and not a mac since its wont do too well with only one button on a PC
Ball mice suck.
I just changed my mouse today from one of those crappy ball mouses to a nice wireless laser mouse, it kicks ass.
Buy a new one, they arent that expensive.
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one of those nice ones with a red lazer in it

Those are the past, good laser mouses use those invisible lasers, like on the logitech gX series.
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