I was reading something earlier today, and I remembered it now. Are we to anxious to get that new CD that we dont take time to listen to the current music we have? Are we being drowned out by music by our iPods, CD players, that we dont take time to turn off the music? I mean, you go to a museum to look at art. You can only take in so much of that art before you have to leave, reconcile, and come back to experience some more. You cant turn off hearing, and you will always have that one song stuck in your head.

Obviously that probably makes no sense. So I found the article: http://www.questionablecontent.net/rlblog/2008/02/too-much-music.html
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I get that sometimes.

I'll be like "Man, I better download this album soon, it'll be great.." But then i step back and say hey, I should listen to these two albums a bit more before i go off and get another one.
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Interesting theory. I agree. Gives time for hearing to recover.
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I listen to my entire library at least once per day on shuffle while finishing my thesis.

I only get a new CD every month or so, and I put the songs right on shuffle with the rest of them.
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Great article. I sometimes feel the same way when I go to the library and check out 30 CDs, and then listening to them for 2 weeks. And sometimes, I'm halfway through an album and it already feels daunting, so I listen to the rest later. I've been totally obsessed with music the last 2 years. And sometimes I don't get to a CD, so I rip it to the computer to listen to it later, but forget. I have songs on my song library I haven't even listened to yet!

I think a good solution is just to listen to a big variety of stuff, and focus on a couple of bands at a time.