Wrote this about my mom who walked out a few years ago on august 26th. C4C.

I look into your eyes
And I still see some regret
But what you did was pointless
And really hard to forget

You left me here with nothing
I know you're not coming back
To this point I hate what happened
Still trying to get things on track

You changed my life, pulled it downward
And you still know you did
Since you left, life's been going backwards
That blazing day of 8/26

It's all different now you've walked out
Dissapointed me and everyone else
That blazing day of 8/26
You created a problem we can never fix

I think it needs a few more stanzas, but I'll do that later. Again C4C. Peace out
i like the title, but if I were you I wouldn't mention 8/26 in the song. It may seem wierd, but I like that cuz it would create a sense of mystery, but the song still makes sense.
I like it, and i agree with you needs just a little but more. Try even maybe making the stanzas you all ready have longer. Maybe like 6 lines. Good job and keep writing!!!!!! you never know who is reading!!!!