I want to switch out the stock BDSM pups in my Kerry King signiture but can't diecide between the SD AHB-1 Blackouts or EMG 81/85 combonation. As you can tell i play metal.
i use an Marshall 2203KK head and a Mesa/Boogie Rectifier 4x12 Cab. The Blackouts seem to be the popular choice. looking at the price difference the Blackouts seem to be cheaper than the EMG KFK set.
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I dunno. If you are the total Kerry King fanboy (and there's no reason you shouldn't be), I might suggest the EMG KK sig pups.
Dead Skin Mask, indeed.
maybe but i'm on budget of 200 USD and the SD Blackout set is 92USD cheaper than the KFK Set at my local music shop.

...I've never played them and have no idea what they sound like but they have a cool name.
Actually called Mark!

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