It's pretty good. I'm not a very big fan of that particular chord progression, I'm not sure why, it's just I feel I hear it way too much. But the song as a whole is very nice. The only suggestion I can give is that you work a bit on the vocals, you seemed to sway in and out of key at times.
I also took the liberty to listen to "I feel Home". That's really great man. Keep up the good work.
Yeah i was playing like the arpeggios and whatnot and realized it was basically the same as crazy game of poker minus like a couple added notes. Thanks for the crit. I can't seem to find a voice but i'm hoping in a year or two it'll be alot better
I like this a lot. You have have a great voice. The only thing I dislike about it is the delay effect in the vocals. I don't think it fits well.
Ok, your vocals are quite out of tune in parts, I think if you listen back, you will notice that. The intro guitar sounds good, very expansive. The tone of your voice is decent, I really think that you'd sound good if you practiced your pitch control, you waver out of tune, which is something which can be improved with tuition and pracice. The song itself is ok, though the lyrics don't stand out as hugely original. You certainly have the capacity to become better, and your lyrics/song structure are better than a lot found on these pages. Hopefully you just take it from there.

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I actually like the progression, but agree the delay effect doesnt really fit well with the rest of the recording. Keep with the voice thing though, youll get there eventually. Listen to Misty Trail on my Ug profile and tell me what you think if you get a chance.
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