so basically, i have just enough money to buy a used blues junior but i just want some reccomendations.

i mainly play blues rock like eric clapton/cream, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix.
can this amp play blues crunch with a pedal or no?

also, i have a spider 15 watt right now and my dad says my next amp can't be too much louder than that. can you play the blues junior and make it sound good without cranking it or no?

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yes it is for you. blues rock is it's bread and butter.
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first of all +1 to all the people above me.

and second of all its absolutly perfect

blues jr +blues/classic rock= prefect bread and butter

for some more heavy stuff you might want a Tubescreamer or a blues driver to push it
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Perfect, go for it!
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It's a really nice amp. It's really good if you get a nice overdrive pedal too.

Check out a Ibanez or Maxon Tube screamer. Or for a bit more oomph, check out an OCD.

You can really nail a ton of tones with the OCD; I like it a lot. I have that same combination.

Edit: All tube amps sound best cranked. You can get low volumes with the amp, but you won't get a ton of gain. If you want some more overdrive, I strongly suggest one of the OD pedals I suggested above. It'll be hard to get a really nice rock sound at a really low volume. Tube amps are loud; that's a given.

It's a lovely amp, but it can get very loud. You can make it really soft, but you won't get a ton of gain and it won't sound nearly as nice as it will when you blast it. Again, for that reason I'd suggest a OD pedal.

Play it before you buy it to make sure there aren't any problems with it; and make sure it won't be too loud for your room.
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^+20. i have a blues junior. it does amazing blues and light rock. purchase a tubescreamer for the extra push of the tubes and you got classic/hard rock. good luck
ya man...its perfect.

For nice crunch at bedroom volume just put master at 2 and volume at 12. You can play around with it from there depending on the sound/volume. This is all bedroom level though...and I have to play pretty low. You can get a lot better sounds with higher volume though...


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