I have been offered a Peavey Rage 158 amp for $35. I plan on buying something like an Ibanez SZ320 or Washburn X50 pro as a guitar. This will be my first guitar and amp. I've read that this amp is decent if you get a pedal to go with it. I'll only be using it as practice. What do you all think?
Good first amp. Will be a good practice amp later on when you decide to upgrade.
Yeah, our other guitarist has one for practicing on, its actually pretty grunty for the size, I wouldn't say no.
It's an excellent first amp. Especially for the price.
The only other 35$ amp you could probably find would be one of those homo mini amps which aren't enough for really anything but bedroom practice.
Call me Wes.
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35 is a deal
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I have one. It was my first amp. It still sounds pretty nice; but I've been spoiled by my Fender Blues Jr. $35 is a great price for it; I'd say definitely take it.

It takes pedals okay. Not great, not terrible. If it's for practice, and for that price, I don't think you could get anything better.