I have a squier standard strat. It was about 200 bucks. I've been playing for 5 years on it, and never had money to buy a new one till now. I really like the guitar, and I learned quite a lot on it (from basics to solos). I was playin the other day and for some reason i was going low on the fret board on the low e string and hit the 18th fret, and it let out this rattle. When I hit an open and hammer on it, or just put my finger on it, it rattles, and it drives me insane. None of my other frets do this, i checked to make sure. I was wondering what would be done if i brought it in to get this problem fixed, would it be worth it? I wanna buy a new guitar, maybe a Fender standard strat, but im afraid that'll just be the same guitar i have now, with the fender name on it.
It's really not worth getting your squier checked out. It's a beginner guitar anyways so it will have problems.

And real fender strats are so nice. Much much better then squiers.
first, try raising your action. If that doesnt work, take it to a repair shop and ask.
A new standard strat gonna play and feel wayyyy better then your squier trust me
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ive played fenders, they play wonderful. i play really fast on that squier, its weird. Ive grown so attached to it. I guess i will hop for a standard strat. Not an AMERICAN, but the mex. will do just fine. Im thinkin sunburst with maple neck. mmmm . I did raise my action, it didnt help..much. It still rattled. I need a whole new rig. My guitar is **** and so is my amp. haha.
Yeah, remember a good amp is just as important if not more important then a good guitar.
Oh believe me. I know that. I tried some squiers, esp, ibanez, you name it through some tube amps at my local store. they all played beautifully. I just really want a new guitar right now. I feel i've out grown mine and just need to step it up. Im just a hobbyist. No gigging (i used to). My friend feels I should be in a band again, but I have no desire anymore.