ok, i dont have a radio anywhere in my house, but today, while i was practicing, i heard some lady talking about the amount of money spent on diabeties research through my amp...really strange... probably normal but has this ever happened to anyone?
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I heard some guy talking about america becoming mexico, and as soon as I get off a plane someone there is ready to take my 1 million dollars in bread... they then were about to have gary buesy on the phone to talk about satan but then the signal cut out
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haha yesterday i had the song i was playing come through my amp while i was playing it
im all "damn, im good!" then i realized it was the radio....
When I turn my wah on and put it all the way back on the distorted channel I can hear some country oldies. It also clicks when I turn a light on anywhere in the house.
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do you have single coil pickups?? tends to happen on those occaisonally.
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used to happen to me. I can't get it to pick up frequencies anymore.
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sometimes i get indian music from some am radio station when i use my wah pedal near my amp, it changes stations as i press on to the wah

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My wah picks up some pretty strong signals. It's pretty much unusable.
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