hello excuse me, i'm not new but i got a friend who has been reported for something and wanted to know to wich moderator he must talk to get some information about his warning, he is really afraid about being banned because he loves this forums a lot
he said that he wont post anything before talking to a mod, so wich mod should he talk to
getting reported doesn't mean you get a warning. reporting something just sends an email to the mods of that forum (eg. if the reported post was in the pit, the pit mods would receive the email). we then go and have a look at the post and decide whether it's ok, or whether the person should get a warning or ban for it. if a user gets a warning or ban they are sent an email telling them that they were warned/banned, which mod gave the warning or ban, and the reason for it.

if you give me your friend's username and a link to the thread where he was reported i should be able to give you some more info on whether he was warned or not, and why.
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