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2 14%
jazz band
5 36%
electrical and wood tech
2 14%
graphic arts
2 14%
jewellery arts
0 0%
media production
2 14%
drafting(wtf do u do???)
1 7%
Voters: 14.
Ive been given my high school registration form and i need to hand it in tomorow. thing is im having trouble choosing which course i should take as a vocational course(ive already picked one). What i have to do is pick two that i wanna do and 2 that i wanna do if i cant do the others. so ive picked power mech as one i wanna take and info tech for if i cant get in to the others. so ive come to the pit to ask for help
BTW in band i play trumpet

plz also say why i should take the course
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So... do we have a list to choose from? Or are we entitled to shout out things like Butseks101

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if wood tech is anything like the construction class at my school
take it
you wont regret it
you sit on your ass all period occasionally making a shelve or two
the rest of time youll be making wooden spears and paddles
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i took a little over a year in drafting. it's a lot of measuring/drawing/using the computer. it takes some thinking at times. the most artistic you need to be is to be able to be able to draw a straight line w/a ruler and be able to make lines of different widths (with pencils w/different lead widths) it was a fun class. it'd be similar to graphic arts probably, only you'd need less imagination.
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Jazz band. It will vastly improve your skills on trumpet and it'll introduce you to a completely new style of music that you can apply to your guitar. Hell, you can try out for guitar in the class if you have some good chord knowledge.

You should look for a video production class at your school, it's one of the funnest classes you can get into.

Also, jewelry arts? Is that shaping diamonds and stuff?
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Are you concerned about credits with the classes? Cause if not, you should go for media production. It's a cool skill to learn.