Greetings all,

Over the last few weeks I have been looking for a distortion pedal and after reading through the forums and listening to sounds clips I decided to go with the Ibanez PD7.

The problem is my local music shop doesn’t stock the pedal and after checking with all their suppliers can’t order it in. They do however stock the Boss Overdrive pedal (my second choice) which I tried out but it’s not quite what I was after.

So my question is should I try to order the PD7 over the internet or can someone recommend me a better pedal?
I’m looking for a sort of crunchy, clicky metal type sound which the PD7 seemed to get close to.

I’m not really working to a budget so any suggestions would be good.

I find the Ibanez, Digitech, and Boss to have very "similar style" distortions. That might have a lot to do with the whole blending circuitry. You can get approximations of any of the pedals on the other, although they'll have different enough timbres.
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I personally think you should order it online from Musiciansfriend.com or something. I own and like the pedal, so yeah, but if it ends up out of your range (which I doubt if you'd be able to get the BOSS) I'd go with ordering online.
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If your sure thats the one you want, internet it.

There's one on ebay right now with 5 days something hours left, at about 9 bucks. If you're willing to wait out those days, then go ahead. But with a pedal that inexpensive, it'll be hard to save some money on it. Try finding a store that has the pedal, and get them to give an extra, like a patch cable or adapter.
Thanks for the responses guys.
I think I’ll get it off the internet because it does seem like the best pedal for what I want and I’m 95% sure I can get the sound I want out of it. (if not it’ll be pretty close anyway).

Hmm, now I’m gonna have to set myself up a paypal account…