YES, I KNOW, there's already a thread for wahs, but I get better response out here, so....

Anyway, I am thinking about getting a wah pedal.

What exactly should I be looking for in a wah besides tone?
You should look for a good sweep. True bypass would also be something to look for.
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like the range or variable between the UP and DOWN positions?

also what's the difference between TRUE bypass and BUFFERED bypass?
buffered bypass still takes tone away from you while true bypass does not
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Just get yourself an old Crybaby, Pre logo change or early newer style logo, I think the new ones have the old style back on? anyway, I've had plenty of wahs and my favs are always Crybabys. The old ones sound great and the sweep is always right. I just bought a backup
old (circa 1985) one for $49.00! and sounds amazing. I have an old Italian(60's) made Crybaby on my pedal board (the holy grail) and at times I wounder if I should swap it out with the backup one I bought! The new ones have too many parts in them and sound rather thin, The Zakk, the Dime and the Hendrix wahs too $$ for nothin!! Hendrix and Clapton didn't have those models available to them!! they just had great tone first! get your tone then add a wah to it!
NO GET A VOX !!!!!! CRYBABYS ARE TERRIBLE. lol they arent but i love my vox it has the most perfect rock sound ever crybabys sound like they are underwater and it makes the distortion all weird....Go VOX
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YES, I KNOW, there's already a thread for wahs, but I get better response out here, so....


go to the ultimate wah thread..its there because everything wah related should go in there


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