i see this thing pop up every once in a while on here, and I have a feeling it would be an awesome tool if I understood how to use it lol can some1 break this down for me?


I'm pretty sure the option on the far right is just the different kinds of scales to practice (WAYYYY more than I thought possible by the way haha). I dont understand what changing the other two options does though... I think the numbers could possible be an option to chose which fret to start on?
the patterns box is for what position you want to play it in, open position, first, second...

the chords box is the scale you want to play, like D, Db, and so on

then the one on the far right is what kind of scale, like Major, Minor, Mixolydian...

the dark circles on the fretboard are the root notes and the lighter circles are the other notes in that certain scale. the box in the bottom left shows the different tones in that scale.
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are you asking what a scale is?
or how you could use it?
i dont quite understand your question.

so, take this for example:

all of those notes are in the key of C.
basically that means if you played all of those notes they would sound good together
as opposed to playing random notes, which would sound bad.

theres more to it than just that.
if you're interested in it go here:

i advise you read through it very slowly, so youre understanding everything properly.
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