Well i'm gonna mod my Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty, change the pups, mess around with the wiring, and probably add a bigsby vibrato too.
Since my guitar has gold hardware, i was going to get gold covered pickups but the thing is my budget is kinda limited and I was looking at the pickups and i saw that uncovered pickups would cost less than the covered ones.
Unfortunately i am gonna replace the middle pup with a seymour duncan phat cat which only comes in gold or chrome covered and uncovered pickups wouldn't really look consistent with the covered phat cat.
So what should i do? save money by buying uncovered pups or spend the extra cash and get gold covered pups?
hmmm... id go for tone over looks first. but if you find one that looks good and good tone, get that, regardless. if its covered, save up some more to get covers for the other pups, if not, well, thats good too.
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Only go with Gold if you are using top quality stuff, as it oftens wears and looks like crap. On stuff like Duncan pups and real Gibson pickups, as long as you wipe them down, tis not an issue, and worth the little bit extra change.
You can buy gold covers. Check at your local instrument store.
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This is a personal choice, but I think humbuckers actually sound better without the covers on. From what I can gather, the covers are for shielding purposes, which IMO is kind of a waste of time since the bobbins are reverse wound for hum cancelling. As long as your electronic routes are sufficiently shielded; you won't have any hum issues whatsoever.

Before I changed the pickups on my Ibanez artist, I took the gold covers off the original pickups and the tone/pick attack/everything improved by at least 15%. You can take them off by cracking the 2 solder joints on the back of the pickup with a slot screwdriver between the edge of the cover and the backplate of the pickup.

I think it wouldn't be a good idea to try to melt it with a soldering iron since you might heat up the wax potting in the pickup and make it run. (not good at all)

I'd say leave em off and just go with black bobbin buckers. The bigsby's a great idea too. My friend's Dad used to have a 60's 335 with a bigsby and we were all amazed how stable it was. You could lean on that thing all you wanted and it always came right back.

You're on the right track. Good ideas. Maybe think black uncovered '57 classics on either side of the phat cat.... just a suggestion. Probably about the same price as duncan virtual vintage.
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Split the difference- do pickups with black bobbin covers, but get gold mounting rings. I think universaljems has them for relatively cheap.
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