I know... I know... A lot of the people on UG who actually play guitar probably don't listen to Simple Plan. LOL. But, nonetheless, I wanted to share this cover that I made.... just now. Literally just now.

It's an acoustic cover.... For some reason I'm using my classical to record the guitar. OH YEA, because my brother took my FENDER. Gosh. My bass is crudded up for some reason. You'll notice in the bridge... And, I tried to get as many harmonies in as possible. So please enjoy the EFFORT if anything.

PLEASE RATE? *Angel Halo* Thank yoooou.

Clicky clicky! *below*

I'm a fan of the song, and I you definitly did it justice . Not just on guitar, vocals were pretty good too.

Did you do the backing vocals aswell?
Good job on the performance. Make the guitar rhythm more interesting though; it keels me.