Who are some good instrumental guitarists? Try to give me some names other than the standards like satch, vai, emmanuel, etc... I recently came across John Butler and he helped restore my love for guitar based music. Help me out. Peace!
JT Bruce
Elias Viljanen
Marty Friedman
Jason Becker
Eric Johnson
John Petrucci
Paul Gilbert
Andy McKee
Erik Mongrain
Kiko Loureiro

and try and get an album called "Guitars That Rule The World"

(Some of those are obvious, but mentioned just in case you haven't tried them)
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Shawn Lane
Rusty Cooley
Racer X
Yngwie Malmsteen
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you know john 5's solo work is actually pretty ****ing good
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*Everyone Minkaro said and...*
Shawn Lane
Rusty Cooley
Racer X
Yngwie Malmsteen

I was thinking of Cacophony and Racer X, but I wasn't too sure if they counted. Well, they have vocals, but the lyrics are usually really silly, and each verse is just another interruption between solos.

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John 5
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only one i can add. Christian Alsing, hes got a Mattias feel but is very original.
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Andy Mckee is Great!!!
Also check out Antoine Dufour and Don Ross for the similar style.
If you want good electric guitar instrumentals,you cant go wrong with Steve Vai, Eric Johnson,John Petrucci,and even some Steve Morse stuff.
Django Reinhardt.
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