hey guys

recently me and my band got together and we were jamming but we didn't hav a PA system so we plugged the mike thru the 2nd input of my frens 25 watt bass amp but even on full volume we couldn't hear my vocals when we started playing.and when we did hear it it sounded bad.could it be im not singing loud enough or do we need a PA system?
You're gonna need a PA system. Your probably pushing that bass amp pretty far and thats why its sounding muddy (im guessing it sounds muddy?). It's a big investment to start, but if you ever want to play shows, or be able to hear vocals clearly at practice, you are going to need to get a PA system. Just go to your local music store and go scout stuff out. Make sure you tell any salesmen there you're not interested in buying today, but ask them to explain the basic rig of a PA system so you can at least know what you're looking for.
Essentially you're gonna need
Mixer (Probably only 4 outputs for mics)
Speaker (If your local music store rents out systems you can get speakers at an awesome price)
Speaker Amplifier (same as above)
Speaker cables
Mic cables ( for mixer to amplifier)
sounds like you already have mics, and i would assume you also have stands and cables.

Sorry if you already knew all of this, but hell, what could it hurt?