i just started playing and well basically everything is in a different language. a friend said if i learned songs at the same time as learning cords it would make things a tad bit easier. here is my confusion... what is up with the tabs how do i read them its all craziness to me right now...hopelessly lost in cali...
the number on the line is the fret you fret

so you would put your finger on the first fret on the high e (which is the thinnest string)
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First off, welcome to the music scene. Learn at your own, comfortable pace. Tabs work like this:
bottom string------------->e--------------
2nd string from bottom-->B-------------
3rd string from bottom-->G--------------
3rd string from top------->D--------------
2nd string from top------> A-----4-5-4-- Each Numer represents the fret on that
Top string------------------>E --22-2-2-2- Certin String

If you see letters like p,h, or b dont worry. tabs usually have a key that tells you what they mean.

Hope this helps
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An easy beginner tab would be Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple.

E ---------------------------
B ---------------------------
G ---------------------------
D ---------------------------
A ---------------------------
e --0--3--5--0--3--6--5--

The lower case e stands for the low e string, which is the thickest. The next string down on the fretboard (but up in pitch) is A etc etc. You can remember the strings by the Acronym: Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie. The letter at the beginning of each word is the name of the string.

Now to play that tab, 0 means its an open string. Then 3, the third fret is the one with the dot thats closest to where the strings are wound. Then 5, the next fret with the dot over. And continue on. Mind, all this is on the lowest string (the biggest).