Even though I have an ESP LTD Alexi-600 SE, which is fucking amazing by the way, i've been wanting to upgrade my Ibanez RG4EXQM1 for a long time and I finally got a Seymour Duncan JB for the bridge.

here's the guitar just so you can check it out.


i've got the translucent blue one.

Any thoughts?

oh and btw, what can i use to pull back the covering on my wires from the pup without anihilating the actual wirings? Last time I did it with scissors and damn near ruined the thing, so i'm definately not doing that again.

and another thing (lol), I'm getting a SD '59 for the bridge sometime within a few weeks, and a mid pup as well.
Problem? I don't have a mid pup idea. I'm thinking of something that would be good for a total clean sound.
if i understand wat ur asking correctly? then try

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if i understand wat ur asking correctly? then try



If I had those, methinks I wouldn't have asked that?

I need a redneck way to strip 'em.

although... a redneck might already have wire strippers....all rednecks have lots of tools
Get wire cutters or scissors or some sort of instrument similar to that, cut it just enough to get through the insulation, and rip it off.
in this situation i do a really light incision with an exacto knife. then tear the rest off with my finger nail. failing an exacto knife, any sharp edge will do. jsut be gentle.

buti have to ask.. if you can't strip a wire.. are you any good at soldering??
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Sharp, tough ass thumbnail, it's your built in wirestripper, shank and scalpel.
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