This is an acoustic-y instrumental I wrote a few months ago. It's a pretty simple song, but it's pretty and fun to listen to (imo anyway).

The song's on my profile. c4c as always
it's a nice simple and catchy riff(almost smashing pumpkins type style)that would be nicelysuited with some nice vocals and strong lyrics.Here's something i just made.Almost ministry meets john 5 type indistrial flavor with my own brand of soloing.Again,nice job on yours.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-Bfc15tVVkIt's just a short sample that i'm working on expanding.
Honestly, it's just not got enough going on for me. As a backing for a vocal, it's fine, but there's not much happening to inspire interest. No fault with the playing mind, just that I don't think it works on it's own, maybe it would be worth adding other instrumentation/vocals?

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Good riffs here and I like the tone of the guitar. If I were you, I'd add there some lead melody with a guitar or vocals. Drums and bass wouldn't hurt either. The way I see it, this is still work in progress but it does have potential. If you keep working on this, I'd be interested to hear the result.

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thanks for the posts and suggestions guys. i didn't think that having drums or vocals would fit well, but I can try messing around with ideas. I'll check out your stuff too.