well after putting new pups into my tele and realizing how amazing it makes my guitar sound ive decided to put new pups into my SG. I have a decently good amp so it wont be pointless.
the 490/498's are a bit muddy for my tastes.
i need something that is also very versatile. i play from ambient rock like circa survive so ill need some good cleans but i also play hard rock and metal. like foo fighters to killswitch engage so i need something that will do some sweet metal tones.
any opinions will be great
thanks in advance
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I just had a DiMarzio D Sonic put in the bridge of my SA and I'm pretty happy with it. Its kinda made for drop tuning, but it still sounds great in standard. If you want active pups, the EMG 81/85 combo is pretty badass for heavier sounds and its cleans aren't too bad.
naw i dont want active pickups. i feel like those would be too brootal. i was looking at the pearly gates and burstbuckers. any opinions on those?
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Ummm...Bare Knuckle Pickups(BKP)....handwound in the UK....BEST pickups on earth.
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