I started last week learning the G major scale, and in order to do so I'm saying each note im playing aloud in my head, and im playing each note down the string and then back up before moving on to the next, however while im playing im looking at the frets so i know i make sure my fingers play the correct note, is this an ok way to memorize them or should i be doing them without looking at the guitar?, also once i learn the G major, will knowing the rest of the major scales come easy since its all the same pattern, just with different notes? and i usually do this for about an hour each day
You'll get used to the pattern as you practice it more. Eventually it gets to be second nature.

Make sure you're playing in position so that you ge the right feel for it- that is, each finger is generally used for one fret, and all of the notes that are on that fret can be fretted with that one finger. So to play G major in 2nd position... (this means that your index finger is on the 2nd fret, middle on the 3rd, etc.)

 2 4 1 2 4 1 3 4 1 3 4 2 4 1 2

The numbers on the bottom are what fingers to use. Index =1, Middle= 2, Ring= 3, Pinky= 4.
If you practice your scale the same way every time, eventually you will gain muscle memory and your hand will go where it needs to without you thinking about it.
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