Hello all,

I am looking at purchasing the Maton EM 225C. I am an intermediate guitarist, and I have been playing for about 5 Months. Reviews for this guitar look pretty good <here>

Do you think that this is a good acoustic? I want to hear what people think about this guitar, or if there are any other guitar that are like this guitar that you would recommend (also, i am in Australia, so Australian dollars preferably)
I'm sorry, I might be wrong, but usually 5 months would be a beginner...

I wouldn't have the guts to say I was intermediate and I've been playing 19 months...
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Its a good sounding acoustic, no question. But honestly (unless youre getting a good deal) I wouldnt buy it. They retail for about $900 (I have seen them down around the $750 mark though) and i dont think that any guitar that doesnt atleast have a solid back is worth that. For only a couple of hundred more you could be looking at all solid guitars which is a step up and totally worth it.