I've been learning bass for a few weeks and had my first proper lesson today. I had been playing with my 2nd and 3rd fingers (middle and ring finger) because I found it easier. My teacher told me I should start playing with my 1st and 2nd fingers (index and middle) or play with 3 fingers. Does it really make a difference?

Every time I hit a string with my 1st finger, my fingernail always hits the string and it makes an uneven sound, unless I play really slow. When I tried playing with my other two fingers, I could play really naturally and never get that sound unless I played really fast. Should I just keep playing the way I do or is using the index finger really important (yes, I'm questioning my own music teacher lol)
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I'd say do what feels most comfortable for you - if the middle and ring work for you, go with it. Using 3 fingers is helpful for galloping lines like Iron Maiden's and for faster lines in general, but two fingers will work fine for now.

Besides, James Jamerson was one of the best bassists to ever live, and he used just his index finger. It's all about personal preference.
Just go with what's natural. If the clipping sound is all that's putting you off, simply cut the nail really short (like me).
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Play your own way if its more comfortable, but if you're gonna get advance, you'll probably end up using all three anyways.

Cutting the nail short works too!
play as you want
i play with first and third or with first and second
just do what feels best for you
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