This counts as a versus thread and it's probably going to lead to spam and flaming.

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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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lol most people see asians as chinese because they are like the biggest population in the world =D

but hey middle-easterners are asians too.
oh geez... i hate you.

Asians FTW (i actually hate a helluva lot of them but meh)
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Middle-easterners, assuming that by 'asians' you mean far-easterners. Why? Alot of physical reasons that I won't describe because I don't want to get banned
None are superior LOL
I think middle-easterns are discriminated more than asians though (asians when discriminated is usually in a non-so-hurtful-way)
But. Stupid thread and is just going to cause problems, you should probably delete this
I knew a kid in high school who I think wanted to grow up to be an asian, he chose the subjects English (well he didnt choose it, that was necessary) Physics, Chemistry and Specialist Maths!