Poll: Which Version Do You Pefer?
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Thin Lizzy
5 14%
27 73%
1 3%
I Hate The Song In General
4 11%
Voters: 37.
So... Whats better?

Whiskey In A Jar - Thin Lizzy

Whiskey In A Jar - Metallica

I admit Metallica's version is alright, but I personally like Thin Lizzy's the best

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Personally I like the Metallica version
Jaymz' voice just fits it
the guitar tone is amazing too
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The Peel Sessions - BBC Broadcasts 1972-1977 (Live) is the best modern version I've heard (Thin Lizzy). I like Thin Lizzy's album version too. I personally feel that metallica demeaned the song and out of disrespect for that I didn't capitalise their name.
Why? Justify yourself. How is a 17th century Irish folk song meant to be played like Metallica play it??
I prefer The Pogues version of it, followed by Metallica.
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I was just talking about this with my friend yesterday, he loves Metallica version, I hate all versions It's just one of those songs I cannot hear, we all know some..
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By the way James Hetfield's voice does NOT suit this song. It's cringeworthy from as soon as he opens is mouth 'As i was walking over....' all the way through '...ball and chain yea'
I like metallica's... although I'm extremly biased and have only heard that one
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