I'll be home from college for the summer... and as I am a pretty good and proficient guitarist. I want to try and get a job in some restaurants and/or bars around town. One of my good friends is going to sing (she has the voice of an angel)... and I'm going to accompany her on acoustic.

My question is: can anyone help me out as to how exactly I would get jobs doing this? Where would I apply? Advertise? Etc.?

Anyone has any experience or that can help at all... it'd be greatly appreciated.
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I'd suggest Craigslist. Theres one for each city now, just go into the musicians section post a "For Hire" add. That should be a start.
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go to coffee shops, cafes, and bars when they have open mic nights just to get your name out at first. if you are good, your name will spread word of mouth, etc. and more opportunities will open to you.
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eh.. the onyl time i ever made money doing a regular gigging was with a blues type band for an open mic nite. i palyed bass to whoever wanted to come up and do their own songs. if no one was playing then we played a few of our own songs and covers. while it was only a few hours a nite, i'd get a whooping 50$ out of it. good money but you couldn't make a living off of it.
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