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terrible - 1
3 27%
pretty bad - 2
5 45%
alright - 3
2 18%
pretty good - 4
0 0%
awesome - 5 (i doubt that)
1 9%
Voters: 11.
hi, just wanted to know if i can sing.
im not the singer in our band, but he's been a bit of an ass lately so we're thinkin of givin him the flick and putting me as singer/guitarist.
anyhoo, basically i made this song in the matter of 20 minutes last night, thought it sounded allright but wanted to know wat u guys thought.

so if u could be kind enough to rate my singing in the poll or just comment it, would be awesome. cheers

the song is 'her song' and its at

To be fairly honest it was pretty bad.

BUT you've got potential. You can get better. You have a descent voice. Just need to work on your singing skills. You lack support and you're not accurate with the notes you hit. Work on it and you'll be good.

And btw, this really belongs in the singing thread in the Musician Talk forum. Loads more vocalists there who can help you out and give you exactly what you need.