Kevin Im listening to alchemy and writing.............

First minute very nice.

Second Nice

Lead is WAY TO LOUD...clipping like mad.

second lead also to loud, sounds kinda forced. What I mean by that is sometimes you just gotta kick back listen to the piece and imagine the solo that YOU think is the mose fitting...not the listener. The solo seems out of place.

End of solo was better.

Outro was nice.

Gotta a heck of a song going on man.....Id love to hear some lyrics with that.

Beyond the Darkness is playing as I was finishing up the crit. Also sounds pretty good! Im gonna at least wait for the solo...............Nice break down right before the 2 minute mark! Again the solo is clipping, not as bad as the first. Solo was better but Im gonna assume that with your skills in a very short time those are gonna be ripping!!!!!

There 2 crits.
If you check my profile song please leave a comment on any part.....THANKS!!!
Very early Metallica, I think the guitar, despite being really fuzzed up, sounds tight. Really wish it had vocals, but it certainly has the potential to be a good song. Actually, bollocks to early Metallica, that's not true, if anything maybe similiar to Mastadon. I'm sorry to compare, and in fact it doesn't sound at all copy cat. It's repetitive enough to stick, but with enough variated sections to sound fresh the whole way through. Sound quality is good I think. Obviously good stamina to maintain pace throughout, don't actually think lead guitar's too loud, I honestly couldn't hear any clipping. Solo's cool, quality playing, none of the wolf notes or scuffing you usually get on ug with high gain soloing.

Overall, a good well constructed track, obviously just looking for vocals to complete.
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Thanks, well i went back and lowered the volume of the leads so that problem should be fixed, ill work on my playing next.
First of all id like to say that the recording quality is awesome. Very well done and its a fairly clean cut track. Good job. As for the song, i also that it was bad ass. The playing totally gives me a metallica or at least an old school metal vibe. I totally dig it though.
I would really like to hear this with some vox. Get on that. haha.
Keep it up dude.

Crit for crit??
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