Has anyone here seen this? I love zombie movies and Romero is one of my favorite directors, but this has been getting so-so reviews from some of the critics. How is it?
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I loved it, ****ing love zombie movies

Just watched Planet Terror, kinda of a zombie movie, ****ing funny
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Yeah, I almost created a thread.

Great film, but I dont think ole Gerogie could possibly top what he did in "Dawn of the Dead".

That film is his legacy. Still a good film, Im going to buy it when it hits the "Deluxe" Edition. Or maybe on Blu-Ray.
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Diary of the Dead was pretty good. It wasn't "OMG AMAZING" but it's cool.

At least it was better than that piece of sh*t Land of the Dead
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I didn't like it.
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it was good. its one of the good zombie movies with an actual message and not just like "OMG I SHOT HIM 3 TIMES AND HES STILL WALKING!!! LIEK NO WAI!!!!1111ONEONE!!!!!" know what i'am saying brozef/brozefina? you should buy it.
It was ok, slightly let down by a below average cast.

Also the character Jason was really REALLY unlikeable.

A lot of it was just stupid too. But I'd say an improvement on Land of the Dead.
lol I just dropped my girlfriend and her sister at her house and my girlfriend said they were going to watch this movie.
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