how do people figure out what a certain chord is (like Asus4) without previously knowing the shape and fingering of it? the guitar player at my church was showing me some chord sheets and i asked him what the fingering for asus4 is and i heard him mumbling something and looking at the fretboard then he figured it out.


and, what good books are there for guitar theory. i know the notes on the fretboard (not off by heart) and im still having trouble with the super basic stuff like chords in a major scale. im having trouble understanding things like what a half step from e is. everytime i think i know what it is, i check, and its wrong.
Read the music theory link in my signature. It's a great place to start
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Honestly you dont need books. Look on the internet, there are some great resources. but also a good teacher will help immensely. Like, a really good one wont even need to hammer it into you for you to know it.

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