Hey everyone- so my Fender Acoustasonic Jr does not have a line out- it has an effects loop which does not include the onboard DSP effects.

I was wondering if it is possible to hack open the thing and maybe solder something in there? I am thinking just add some sort of circuity after the DSP / right before the connection to the speakers and piezo horn. Then drill a hole for a 1/4" female jack.

I am an EE student right now so I think it would be cool.. still only sophomore though so I don't have the academic knowledge yet. I'm going to ask around at school but thought I'd post here as well.

edit: on second thought I believe I have an XLR line out which does include everything I hear on the speakers. Oh well.. guess I will just have to buy an adapter cable.
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Okay, good luck getting an adapter!
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