What do you think about it?
What can it do?
I want a light overdrive, but don't know which pedal to go for, this seems pretty cheap.

Just got one I like it, just don't make the same noob mistake I did and leave it plugged into the amp,it drains the battery.
I don't own one... but have played through one once. I was impressed by the tone vs the price you pay. It has a reputation for being a good quality OD for the price tag.

I would recommend you try out some OD pedals with your actual gear at the music store to see what works for you. I played through a few for a time to try them out... but ended up with a Maxon 808... I love it....

Point being, is be critical and find the one that sounds right FOR YOU with YOUR GEAR, for your type of playing.

Also, keep in mind an OD pedal is best suited for playing with a tube amp. It may not mesh very will with a SS amp or a Digital Modeling amp.

Also, what are you trying to accomplish tonally with this pedal?
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Your crappy amp achieved a purposely crappy tone? I'll alert the presses.
Playing one right now through a harley benton Ga5 (same as VJ). Very nice overdrive for the price. It's fully analogue (non digital) and it rocks...It can go from light O.D to GnRish

Great OD pedal for the price, it isnt as nice as the Maxon808/TS808, but they are over double the price, so if you havnt got dosh to spend its a great deal, remember though its best used as an OD on top of a tube amp.
I prefer the Screamin' Blues Overdrive/Distortion pedal from Digitech. It's capable of the same low OD boost as the Bad Monkey, but you can boost it even further if you want, or you can lay off the overdrive and have it simply produce plain distortion up to very heavy metal levels (yes, despite it's name). It usually costs a bit more than the Bad Monkey does, but I think the ability for it to produce both overdrive and distortion, and the fact that it can be just as soft as the BM but also go much harder too, makes the increased price worth it.

The downside to the Screamin' Blues is that there's no quick way of backing off the OD and using plain distortion instead, and also it doesn't actually alter your tone in anyway (low and high boost/cut controls aside), so it won't always give you that 'tube overdrive' tone that the BM does. Of course if you have a good guitar and a good tube amp anyway then this doesn't matter as you'll always get the tube tone, but it means the Screamin' Blues is pretty crap with solid state amps or cheaper tube amps and guitars, while of course the BM always gives the same kind of tone even through cheap gear and a SS amp.

Cheap and practising with lower end gear = Bad Monkey
'proper' use with better gear = Screamin' Blues