Heres the deal,
i have a laney LV-300H Transistor Head (cheap i know) but i use it as a secondary amp to my 5150.

anyway! the laney doesn't wuite give me the amount of distortion that suits my playing style.
so i was curious as to whether it would be plausible to add a whole new pre gain circut to the head with it's own seperate level knob, wired into the existing mix or even copmletely replacing it's current gain circut.
i was aiming for somewhere in the ballpark of having 5 12ax7's to mach what my 5150 puts out.

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

it would be much easier to build a separate tube preamp unit (sorta like a rackmount or a pedal that would always be on), plug your guitar into that, then plug that into the amp (like it was a rackmount or a pedal...)

they already make stuff like that that you can buy at any big music shop (the damage control preamps are supposedly really nice)...

you could even get a tube mic preamp and plug in through that (although I doubt itd give you the gain you want...)

if you want to actually build a new pre-amp system INTO the amp as opposed to just running one before it, it would be rather difficult if not impossible. I'm not sure if you can just take a transistor amp and make it a hybrid...

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I'm not sure if you can just take a transistor amp and make it a hybrid...
I sure you could if you wanted to spend way too much money, time, and effort.

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You might as well build a whole amp. The cost and amount of work isn't that much higher.
what if i just gutted it and used the chassis and cabinet for a master volume tube head?
Maybe. If the chassis is big enough and can support two heavy transformers.